Stan Lee Excelsior Award


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The winner is Lois and Clark!

Second was Captain America and third Shuriken and Pleats.

JABBICA went to Audubon.

Currently Lois and Clark and Captain America are out on loan but the other two books are on display in the Graphic Novels section.

Winner 2017
JABBICA Winner 2017

And the winner is…

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No, not that winner. We mean the winner of the 2016 Stan Lee Excelsior Award!

It’s Vader

He gets smaller
Second place
Third place
Third place






JABBICA winner is (drumroll…)

The DC vote went to Lumberjanes
The DC vote went to Lumberjanes







Watch Paul Register (aka Bloke of Steel) announcing the winners from a roadside location in Scotland.

42, 66 and then…

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This term’s spectacular Wodehouse Library window display features the shortlisted graphic novels and manga for the Stan Lee Excelsior Award 2016.

There you were ambling through the Lower Hall when ka-pow! you were drawn to the Library’s window to marvel at the cover art and, probably, you started pondering how your life currently lacked manga when splat! there it was: The Devil is a Part-Timer!

Devil is a part-timer

Zoikes! Then you saw Antman and Lumberjanes

He gets smaller


You realise this window has changed your life! It contains the perfect reading list to get you started with graphic novels and manga. Alternatively this is the shortlist to refresh your palate with a good dose of Vader and Doctor Who (now surely that’s a pairing to rival Superman versus Batman).


Doctor Who

Best of all, you see that you can rate each of the shortlisted titles ahead of the Stan Lee Excelsior Award ceremony later this year. Voting ends in April and the Easter holidays are just a few weeks away so drop in, read the books, rate them for goodness and give your completed forms to us here in the Library.

Manga, manga, manga, manga, manga etc…

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Our small but growing manga collection has proved popular, especially for boys looking for break-time reading.

We asked William Pun, a connoisseur of the manga genre, to share his Top 6 for the Issue Desk Display:

William Pun manga picks

One Piece  Hunter X Hunter  Seven Deadly Sins  Attack on Titan  Bakuman  Tokyo Ghoul

With the Stan Lee Excelsior Award shortlisted graphic novels and manga now available, a new series – The Devil is a Part-Timer! – will join those we’ve already started very soon. Voting forms for the Stan Lee books will be on the shelves and at the Issue Desk and look out for the forthcoming Window Display.

You can search our manga collection using LibCat. Just enter the author name, title of the book or series or even just type in the keyword ‘manga’.