Periodicals Room

Comfy seats, daily newspapers, magazines and DC publications.

Daily newspapers:

The Guardian, The Daily Telegraph, The Times and The I. We also take a local newspaper on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Current affairs and general interest:

1843, GQ, The Guardian Weekly, New Internationalist, New Statesman, Private Eye, Prospect, The Spectator, T3, Time, Top Gear, The Week.

Coming up in 2017-18, we will replace Time with Newsweek and The Atlantic. We will no longer take 1843.

Art, Design & Architecture:


The range of art, design and architecture magazines is being reviewed and we will update this information in due course. However, to fill what looks like a gap, why not take a look at the dedicated sections of daily newspapers and the general interest titles shown above?

Science, IT & Maths:

American Scientist, BBC Focus, BBC Wildlife, Biological Sciences Review, Chemistry Review, ComputerActive, Ingenia, Make, Mathematical Gazette, Mathematics Today, New Scientist, Physics Review, Popular Science, Scientific American, Student BMJ, WebUser, Wired.

Film, Theatre & Music:

Classical Music, Empire, Globe, Q, Sight and Sound, Theatre Record.


eMagazine, English Review, Literary Review, London Review of Books, TLS.


Geo Ado, Marianne, Muy Interesante, El Pais, Paris Match, La Repubblica, Science et Vie, Sport Bild.

History & Classics:

BBC History, Greece and Rome, Hindsight, History Today, Modern History Review, Wide World.

Religion, Philosophy, Politics and Economics:

Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Church Times, Dialogue, Economic Review, The Economist, Management Today, Philosophy Now, Politics Review, RS Review.

For the 2017-18 academic session we will no longer take Bloomberg BusinessWeek.


Geographical, Geography Review, National Geographic.


Cricket Paper (Summer Term only), The Cricketer, Cycling Weekly, FourFourTwo, The Rugby Paper (Michaelmas Term only), Rugby World, Today’s Golfer, Yachts and Yachting.


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