Libraries in books

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Another opportunity to let your minds wander off and recall something you read in a book.

This interview with Frank Cottrell-Boyce reminded us of the Unseen University in Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series and the laugh out loud moments we had with those books.

Can you remember a library featuring in a book you read?

Mention anything like this to Dr Croally and Ms McGuinness and you’ll get one gesturing wildly at the Issue Desk and the other scampering off to the shelves to bring back The Total Library : non-fiction, 1922-1986. Here’s a nugget:

“I owe my first inkling of the problem of infinity to a large biscuit tin that was a source of vertiginous mystery…” (p.160)

Prefer a chocolate chip cookie rather than a mystery from large biscuit tins myself but there’s something about a library that leads to biscuits eventually.


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