Deja vu

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Remember Brexit Day back in June?

In an echo of the shock of the Brexit vote some on our Twitter feed are suggesting that this is also the kind of day it would be best to switch off and retreat into a book. Cursor poised above the ‘off’ switch, we suddenly noticed @chrisriddell50 doodling his mind off the US election news and both @malorieblackman and Dan Snow (as @HistoryHit) sharing Martin Luther King Jr quotes. Meanwhile, @I_W_M and @newint highlighted that #OnThisDay in 1989 the Berlin Wall fell, which, of course, simply reminded us of the news!

Just in time, irresistible distraction popped up by way of @newscientist A “speedy bat”? Who wouldn’t be curious to read more about a super fast bat? Brilliant.

But if switching off is the only way for you today then here are our current recommendations:

Mrs Stein
Ms McGuinness
Ms McGuinness
Mrs Judet
Mrs Judet






And, as part of Dulwich Linguistic this week, the Periodicals Room is currently dominated by staff favourites which have been translated. Films, novels and songs feature so come along and take a look, be inspired to try something you might not have looked at otherwise based on what makes it special for someone else.


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