Reference and Study Skills Sections

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There have been a few changes in the Wodehouse Library this Michaelmas term.

Most noticeably, the Reference Section has been reduced and some shelving removed. We know that for some of you the leisure to browse some of the more obscure dictionaries whilst awaiting your printing will be felt keenly and we offer as an alternative the headlines from The Day which are posted each day on the Issue Desk, or why not chat to the merry librarians!

Our second exciting change concerns the Study Skills collection, which has been moved into the newly freed up space in the Reference Section. We hope that this move will raise awareness of the many useful items which support teaching and learning at DC.

One of the key things to remember about the Study Skills collection is that you don’t have to read any of the books cover to cover. Simply dip into relevant sections and learn what you need. Along the way you can pick up some decent advice about how to overcome obstacles and gain some reassurance that you are not the only one to have struggled to write or plan an essay or craft the most persuasive argument ever.

And here it is! Many thanks to Charles Bird, Arthur Cheung and Percy Chan for the help moving the books and creating the display.

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