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Okay, so many other librarians are posting what they are reading on Twitter that we felt we should jump on this bandwagon. Here goes:

Mr Fletcher has been enjoying the Carnegie shortlist and is currently into Marcus Sedgewick’s The Ghosts of Heaven, which he would recommend. The fact is he’s finding it tough to pick a favourite from the 2016 list but has yet to read One, by Sarah Crossan (which has just won a couple of awards) and Five Children on the Western Front, by Kate Saunders.

Recently the Wodehouse Library added I’ll Give You the Sun, by Jandy Nelson to the mood-boosting fiction collection and Mrs Stein is reading The Sky is Everywhere, also by Jandy Nelson. There are some really lovely lines in this book and incidental mentions of things that happen to us all but which usually pass without remark (drinking too hot tea and burning your mouth, for instance). Recommended.

Ms McGuiness is reading White Tiger, by Aravind Adiga but isn’t currently here to let us know how it’s going. Keeping alive the spirit of our recent post on procrastinating we allowed a little time to contemplate the cover and guess at what story could have caused the artwork but really all that came to mind was that it looks like an unfinished page in a colouring book.

Mrs Judet’s current book is Slow Man, by J. M. Coetzee. Always worth remembering that the reputation of a writer can set you up for a disappointing experience and Mrs Judet didn’t want to waste her time talking about this book so, um, overall not recommended.

The Ghosts of Heaven
Read it, read it now!
the sky is everywhere
Sadly this is NOT available from the Wodehouse but I’ll Give You the Sun is!
Slow Man
White Tiger
Where are the colouring pencils?








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    We are reading « dcwodehouse said:
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    […] leaping aboard the ‘we are reading’ bandwagon earlier this week (was it Wednesday? Honestly cannot remember), we have moved on and […]

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