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Food WarsFood Wars! is a popular new manga for us here in the Wodehouse Library. William Pun (our regular expert on all things manga) whets our appetite:

Shokugeki no Soma (or Food Wars!) is a comedy manga series which revolves around the cooking expertise of Yukihira Soma.

Whilst trying to beat his father at cooking, he desires to be a chef worthy enough to inherit his family restaurant. One day he was told to attend Totsuki Academy, an elite of the elite culinary school. Soma, using this opportunity to improve his cooking to surpass his father, settles into the dormitory and strives to prove himself as the best chef.

Until he reaches the top, he will be challenged by many ordeals, as well as many Shokugekis!

Food Wars! isn’t the only new series with a foodie theme. The Devil is a Part-timer! follows the fortunes of a suddenly powerless Satan who must make ends meet working part-time as a burger-flipper in a fast food joint and Tokyo Ghoul takes us on a more grim journey as regular guy Ken Kaneki is violently caught between the human and ghoul world. How can Ken survive as a hybrid and who can he trust?

Devil is a part-timerTokyo Ghoul


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