Highs and lows

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It’s exam time and whilst you might be dropping into the Wodehouse Library to revise we thought we would take this opportunity to mention a few new books dealing with teenage stress to help you through.

First up we have 3 books by Nicola Morgan:

  • Blame my brain: the amazing teenage brain revealed (someone told us that this had made their son understand more about sleep patterns)
  • Know your brain: feed it, test it, stretch it
  • The teenage guide to stress.

Read them through if you want/need to but probably right now you might find simply dipping into these books helpful. There’s a short chapter on exams and schoolwork in The teenage guide to stress that highlights the kinds of worries students feel at this time of year and Nicola Morgan makes a number of suggestions for managing the stress these worries cause.

We’ll mention just 2 more books here:

  • Mind your head: all about our mental health by Juno Dawson and Dr Olivia Hewitt
  • Fighting invisible tigers: stress management for teens by Earl Hipp.

Juno Dawson writes with a real light touch about exams and school and Dr Olivia weighs in with an expert view. There’s a table on p.71 that highlights what stress might look like.

Finally, Earl Hipp’s book busts some myths about stress and there’s a nice section about procrastination which prompted the actual writing and publication of this blog post (which has been in a planning phase for longer than we like to remember).

You can find all of these books and plenty more in the Library Catalogue and these keywords will be helpful: Reading Well, stress.


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    May 20, 2016 at 9:00 am

    […] Reassuringly we read this in Fighting Invisible Tigers by Earl Hipp: […]

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