New Items in the Wodehouse Library

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Front Lines by Michael Grant

Punk Samurai Slash Down by Kou Machida

Flight Path – Undercarriage by David Watson

The Oresteia adapted by Rory Mullarkey

Three Dublin Plays by Sean O’Casey

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time adapted by Simon Stephens



Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Panama – Footprint Guide

Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador – Footprint Guide

The Rough Guide to Beijing


Fear –  a Cultural History by Joanna Bourke

The Language of the Genes by Steve Jones

Raising Kids who Read by Daniel T Willingham

Capitalism by Paul Bowles

Structures, or Why Things Don’t Fall Down by J E Gordon

Visions of Paradise – Bottincini’s Palmieri Alterpiece published by The National Gallery

Edexcel A Level Design and Technology: Product Design

Coaching Questions by Tony Stoltzfus




Almanya: Willkommen in Deutschland

Jurassic World

Rust and Bone

The Martian



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