Philip Allan Magazines Online Archives and UK Newsstand

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We have 2 e-resource trials running this month so in addition to all the regular goodies you find on the menu, for the next 30 days you will also have access to the entire Philip Allan Review series online archives and Proquest’s UK Newsstand.

Over the past year we’ve seen the PA Reviews become increasingly popular with lots of boys and staff using them. The online archives trial offers unlimited access to all the titles – not only the ones we already subscribe to* – so whole classes will be able to work from the same material simultaneously. The content of these magazines is aimed at A-Level study and includes exam tips. They are well worth a look.

UK Newsstand is a huge, searchable database of daily national and local newspapers and magazines. Helpful search functions like a date-range slider and source exclusion options mean you can make your research efficient and effective. All the major dailies are available from UK Newsstand, including The Guardian and The Times. This is ideal for anyone looking for information on current affairs topics, perhaps for an essay, report or maybe a forthcoming class debate.

You can find the links and login details you need for these resources on the eResources page on MyDulwich. Any questions, just come and see us in the Wodehouse Library.

*Available in the Periodicals Room in the Wodehouse Library: Biological Sciences Review, Chemistry Review, Physics Review, Economics Review, Politics Review, RS Review, Hindsight, Wideworld, Modern History Review, English Review.


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