New Items in the Wodehouse Library

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The Masked Truth by Armstrong Kelley, Books of Blood volumes 1 – 3 & Books of Blood volumes 4 – 6 by Barker Clive, Solo by Boyd William, Now is the Time by Bragg Melvyn, Carte Blanche by Deaver Jeffery, Devil May Care by Faulks Sebastian, The Spectre Trilogy by Fleming Ian, The Fist of God by Forsyth Frederick, Career of Evil by Galbraith Robert, The Ibis trilogy book 2 : River of Smoke by Ghosh Amitav, Green Sally Half Bad book 2 : Half Wild, Harris Robert Dictator, Higson Charlie The Enemy book 7 : The End, Horowitz Anthony Alex Rider book 5 : Scorpia & Trigger Mortis, Ishida Sui Tokyo Ghoul volume 3, Kamachi Kazuma A Certain Magical Index book 3, Lovecraft H P The Call of Cthulhu and other Weird Stories, Lu Marie The Young Elites book 4 : The Rose Society, Ludlum Robert Jason Bourne book 2 : The Bourne supremacy, Mankell Henning Firewall, Nazarian Vera The Atlantis Grail book 1 : Qualify & The Atlantis Grail book 2 : Compete, Oda Eiichiro One Piece volumes 13, 14 & 15 : Island of Giants, volumes 16, 17 & 18 : Royal Rumble, volumes 19, 20 & 21 : City of Dreams & volumes 22, 23 & 24 : Royal Farewell, One One-punch man volume one : One punch  volume 2 : the Secret to Strength, Riggs Ransom Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar Children book 1 : Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, Sahota Sunjeev The Year of the Runaways, Sanderson Brandon The stormlight archive book 1 : The way of kings part two, Sapkowski Andrzej Blood of Elves, Shan Darren  Zom-b book 11 : Zom-b fugitive, Smith Andrew  The Alex Crow, Suzuki Nakaba The Seven Deadly Sins volume 10 : the Painful Wrath of the Fairy King, Talbot Bryan Grandville, Grandville : Mon Amour, Grandville Bete Noir & Grandville Noel, Tanigawa Nagaru The Melancholoy of Haruhi Suzumiya books 7, 8 & 9, Wallace Jason Out of Shadows, Weir Andy The Martian, Yoshino Satsuki Barakamon volumes 5 & 6,

Non Fiction

The Man Who Couldn’t Stop by Adam David, The Art of Ancient Greece by Albersmeier Sabine, Life on the Edge : The Coming of Age of Quantum Biology by Al-Khalili Jim & McFadden Johnjoe, Microscopy : A very short introduction by Allen Terence, Walking Home by Armitage Simon, So Now You’re a Zombie : A Handbook for the Newly Undead by Austin, John, Athenaze : An introduction to ancient Greek book 1 by Balme Maurice, Lawall Gilbert & Morwood James, Polybius and Roman imperialism by Baronowski D W, Economics of the welfare state 5th edition by Barr Nicholas, On les aura! Carnet de guerre d’un poilu (Aout, Setembre 1914) by Barroux, Getting into medical school 2016 entry by Barton James & Horner Simon, Alex through the looking glass : How life reflects numbers, and numbers reflect life by Bellos Alex, The rule of law by Bingham Tom, Killing hope : US military and CIA interventions since world war ii by Blum William, Testament of experience by Brittain Vera, The zombie survival guide : Complete protection from the living dead by Brooks, Max, Notes from a small island & The road to Little Dribbling: more notes from a small island by Bryson Bill, Getting into Oxford & Cambridge 2016 entry by Buckley Sean P, Smashing physics : Inside the world’s biggest experiment by Butterworth Jon, L’etranger by Camus Albert, The Cambridge companion to Simone de Beauvoir by Card Claudia editor, King John : England, Magna Carta and the making of a tyrant by Church Stephen, South Africa : The rise and fall of apartheid 2nd edition by Clark Nancy L & Worger William H, The infinity puzzle : Quantum field theory and the hunt for an orderly universe by Close Frank, Life’s greatest secret : The race to crack the genetic code by Cobb Matthew, The slow death of British industry : A sixty-year suicide 1952 -2012 by Comfort Nicholas, Introduction to algorithms by Cormen Thomas H et al, The knowledge : How to rebuild our world after an apocalypse by Dartnell Lewis, Dictatorship in South America by Davila Jerry, Difference and repetition by Deleuze Gille, Elementary Tagalog by Domigpe Jiedson R & Domingo Nenita Pembid, How many socks make a pair? by Eastaway Rob, How long is a piece of string? More hidden mathematics of everyday life & Why do buses come in threes? The hidden mathematics of everyday life by Eastaway Rob, Wyndham Jeremy, City mission : The story of London’s Welsh chapels by Edwards Huw, The Vintage book of war stories by Faulks Sebastian editor, Leading by Ferguson Alex, Moritz Michael, How to write about theatre : A manual for critics, students and bloggers by Fisher Mark, Adventures in human being by Francis Gavin, The universe in your hand : A journey through space, time and beyond by Galfard Christophe, The rugby world cup : The definitive Photographic history by Gallagher Brendan, My story by Gerrard Steven, Chansons contre la guerre by Grange Dominique, Tardi Jacques & Verney Jean-Pierre, Liberty in the age of terror : a defence of civil liberties and enlightenment values by Grayling A C, Art now volume 2 by Grosenick Uta editor, Higher superstition : The academic left and its quarrels with science by Gross Paul R &  Levitt Norman, William Pitt the Younger by Hague William, Dante : A very short introduction by Hainsworth Peter, Robey David, The Cambridge companion to Pascal by Hammond Nicholas editor, The concept of law by Hart H L A, Dynasty : The rise and fall of the house of Caesar by Holland Tom, The Cambridge companion to Camus by Hughes Edward J editor, A doll’s house by Ibsen Henrik, The Churchill factor : How one man made history by Johnson Boris, Oxford’s medical heritage : The people behind the names by Jones Rosemary Fitzherbert, Epitome of the Philippic history of Pompeius Trogus volume ii books 13-15 : The successors to Alexander the great by Justin, Yardley J C translator, To hell and back : Europe 1914 – 1949 by Kershaw Ian, A debate over rights : Philosophical enquiries by Kramer Matthew H, Simmonds N E & Steiner Hillel,  Angels in America : A gay fantasia on national themes by Kushner Tony, Britain at war 1939 to 1945 – what was life like during the war? by Lingard James, The Sokal hoax : The sham that shook the academy by Lingua Franca, Zombies : A cultural history by Luckhurst, Roger, Britain 1951 – 2007 by Lynch Michael, The zombie combat manual : A guide to fighting the living dead by Ma, Roger, Ronald Stevenson : A musical biography by MacDonald Malcolm,  BREXIT : How Britain will leave Europe by Macshane Denis,  Democracies and dictatorships in Latin America : Emergence, survival and fall by Mainwaring Scott & Perez-Linan Anibal, An introduction to parasitology by Matthews Bernard E,Pomona by McDowall Alistair, Emerging Africa : How the global economy’s ‘last frontier’ can prosper and matter by Moghalu Kingsley Chiedu, Plate tectonics : A very short introduction by Molnar Peter, Margaret Thatcher the authorized biography volume two : Everything she wants by Moore Charles, Oxford grammar of classical Greek by Morwood James, Scotland Yard’s history of crime in 100 objects by Moss Alan & Skinner Keith, Knowledge : A very short introduction Nagel Jennifer, The zombie rule book : A zombie apocalypse survival guide Newton, Tony, Introduction to veterinary genetics third edition Nicholas F W, Mastering the UKCAT Nordstrom Christopher, Rendel George & Tavares Ricardo, Understanding contemporary Germany by Parkes Stuart P, The new meritocracy : A history of UK independent schools 1979 – 2015 by Peel Mark, The general’s son : Journey of an Israeli in Palestine by Peled Miko,  Preparacio al diploma de Espano nivel C1 by Perez Rosa M & Quintana Leonor, Prisonomics : behind bars in Britain’s failing prisons by Pryce Vicky, AQA history AS unit 1 : USA, 1890 – 1945 by Rowe Chris, The confidence trap : A history of democracy in crisis from world war I to the present by Runciman David, The great British dream factory : The strange history of our natural imagination by Sandbrook Dominic, Maxwell’s conundrum : A serious but not ponderous book about relativity by Scheider Walter,  Cameron at 10 : The inside story 2010 – 2015 by Seldon Anthony, Snowdon Peter,  Mastering the national admissions test for law 2nd edition by Shepherd Mark, Neurotribes : The legacy of autism and how to think smarter about people who think differently by Silberman Steve, Cracking the SAT : Chemistry subject test by Silver Theodore, The decline of juridicial reason : Doctrine and theory in the legal order by Simmonds N E, Law as a moral idea by Simmonds Nigel,  Il postino di Neruda by Skarmeta Antonio,  C’etait la guerre des tranchees by Tardi Jacques,  Putain de guerre by Tardi Jacques & Verney Jean-Pierre,  Deep south : Four seasons on back roads by Theroux Paul, The new biographical dictionary of film by Thomson David,  Minerals : A very short introduction by Vaughan David J., Adventures in the anthropocene : A journey to the heart of the planet we made by Vince Gaia,   Viudez  Aprende gramatica y vocabulario 4 by Viudez Francisca, Polybius & The Hellenistic world by Walbank F W,  World War II : A very short introduction by Weinberg L. Gerhard,  The art of eating through the zombie apocalypse : A cookbook and culinary survival guide by Wilson, Laurie,  Leonardo da Vinci volume 1 : The complete paintings by Zoller Frank,  Leonardo da Vinci volume 2 : The graphic work by Zollner Frank, Nathan Johannes.

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