The Universe in Your Hands

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How long would it take to communicate a message to the moon? to the Sun? to Andromeda? What is the difference between a red dwarf and a white dwarf? What is the shape of the Universe? These and many other questions were answered today as we welcomed French theoretical physicist, Christophe Galfard, to the Wodehouse Library. Dr Galfard is a former PhD student of Stephen Hawking and worked with the Cambridge professor on the nature of black holes. An audience of 60 middle and upper school boys enjoyed hearing about the latest theories regarding black holes, red dwarves, exploding stars and the size of the Universe and demonstrated their own depth of knowledge with some fascinating questions of their own. A large queue at the end of the talk formed as boys continued to ask questions as they bought signed copies of Christophe’s book The Universe in Your Hand. As a non-physicist myself I learnt a lot of new stuff and the enthusiasm of speaker and audience has certainly encouraged me to read more about this fascinating subject. PJF 13/10/2015


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