Junior School Book Week 2015 Day 3

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DSC_0003a DSC_0004a Today was our Book Week Dress up day for years 3, 4, 5. What a collection of characters! From dragons to Paddington, Gangsta Granny, Tintin, Billionaire Boy and many more. Even the teachers dressed up, including Dorothy from “The Wizard of Oz”, Dumbledore, the witch from “Room on the Broom” and (Where’s) Wally.  Much excitement ensued before the award of prizes for originality and knowledge of the character.

 Also today, Year 6 presented their Book in a Box projects – showing verve, imagination and surprising poignancy. Many boys had used this DSC_0009aopportunity to think literally outside of the box!

 The author visit this afternoon by debut author Mike Revell for Years 5 and 6 went down very well.  The author read aloud from his book “Stonebird”, a book about a boy, a gargoyle, love, loss and the magic of stories. The boys really liked the author’s honesty as he admitted he had not been a keen reader until the arrival of a book about a boy with a scar on his forehead, which transformed his life.

Mrs Forbes

Junior School Librarian


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