Future Library: Katie Paterson

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This week’s Observer Magazine featured a very unusual art offer.

The piece describes how, this spring, the award-winning Scottish artist Katie Paterson was given permission to plant 1,000 trees on Norwegian land just outside Oslo. As the trees grow, a secret anthology of stories will be created. Each year, the trust will ask a different writer to contribute and so the anthology will increase, echoing the rings of the trees.

It is highly unlikely that any of us will ever read them, as the trees and stories will be held in trust until 2114. The stories, along with a printing press, will be kept in a special room in the Deichmanske public library.

One thousand certificates, beautiful artworks in themselves, will be printed over the next one hundred years and in 2114, whoever is holding a certificate will receive a copy of the anthology, printed using the printing press and paper created from the trees. One hundred stories, hidden away for a century, will be revealed.

Read more at http://www.katiepaterson.org/futurelibrary/ or                                               http://www.theguardian.com/artanddesign/2014/nov/23/reader-offer-katie-paterson-print-future-library



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