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The cut and thrust of debate seems to suit DC boys with several recent high profile wins for a number of boys.

One of the top performers, Raffy Marshall, shares here where he finds his information:

Hi folks,

A few brief thoughts on websites which I personally find helpful. , the English Language version of the influential Qatari state owned political broadcaster, is really useful if you want a more global view of developments. A caveat though; its editorial policy is very influenced by Qatari Foreign Policy, so consume with caution.  You can enjoy the bias by comparing it with It’s Saudi Rival Al Arabiya;

Everyone likes newspapers and these ones are the best;    (International New York Times; A Version of the New York Times with less emphasis on American Politics)  (Financial Times; Centre Right British Financial Newspaper) (Very, Very Influential American Foreign Policy Magazine)   (A review of Global New stories)  (Left Wing British Broadsheet)

A couple of Strange and whacky news websites that are potentially interesting. The appropriately named Chinese State Broadcaster CCTV (, strongly pro-Putin Russia Today, in effect a summary of the Russian State Position ( and defiantly republican Fox News, the subtitle ‘fair and balanced’ being extraordinarily deceptive (

This moderately eccentric blog on Russian Policy can also be enlightening. (


This guys Blog, is great; he’s really interesting on development in Ukraine.

DCWodehouse addition 13 May 2014: Further to Raffy’s input above we spotted this 5 minute piece from the New Statesman on debating. Amusing and makes some great points quite well.


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