WW1 recommended reading

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One of the greatest perks of working in libraries and archives is the chance to elicit and share thoughtful reading recommendations.

Even better is when those recommendations reflect the achievements of OAs or come from people closely connected with Dulwich College.

Recently Lord Turnbull, Chairman of the the Governors, discussed his WW1 reading with Mrs Lucy, Keeper of the Archives. Aside from the content of the books, one of the interesting discussion points was the order in which the books had been read. So here – in Lord Turnbull’s suggested order – are 3 books about WW1:

  1. The war that ended peace: how Europe abandoned peace for the First World War – Professor Margaret MacMillan (coming soon to the Wodehouse Library!)
  2. The First World War – John Keegan (search the Library Catalogue using author name or keyword ‘WW1’)
  3. A peace to end all peace: the fall of the Ottoman Empire and the making of the modern Middle East – David Fromkin

Mr Fletcher too has been lucky enough this week to spend some time hearing people talking about books including a collection of short stories on the theme of WW1 called ‘Stories of WW1‘, edited by Tony Bradman. Amongst the award winning authors who have contributed to this collection is OA Nigel Hinton. ‘What’s in a name?‘ is the fourth story in this collection and you can discover a little more about Nigel from the notes on contributors at the end of the book.

Remember, with the Easter break just around the corner, this is a perfect time to choose some reading material.



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