Exams ahead – be prepared!

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Here in the Wodehouse Library we know how stressful exam time can be. Honestly, we do.

We also know that there is no magic wand to wave which will make all of the stress disappear. Instead we recommend good old-fashioned preparation!

There are many useful books in the Study Skills section which cover everything from time management to exam room strategy. Sometimes you won’t have thought of some of the things that these books mention and we’re not suggesting that you read them all and faithfully stick to any one strategy over all others – indeed it’s  important to remember in the run up to your exams that you work out a mix of time management, revision and exam strategy that works well for you.

Other resources that could help include:

  • the Very Short Introduction series of books – it’s common to hear exam candidates complain of not knowing anything and these books on subjects from Communism to Statistics might just be what reminds you of all the things you do know so you can walk into the exam room with some confidence
  • Connell Guides – another series of short texts. Search the Library Catalogue using the term ‘Connell Guides’ to find all 18 guides
  • Access to History series – as recommended by Charles Apthorpe (Year 13) whilst borrowing one! Not only finding them  helpful with his A2 coursework, Charles agrees that this kind of text is a great revision aid too
  • the Philip Allan Review series – these journals are aimed specifically at GCSE and A-Level students and include valuable revision help and syllabus-focused content
  • newspapers and magazines – in the Periodicals Room you will find the current editions of English and foreign language dailies and magazines, including The Economist, New Statesman, Mathematical Spectrum, New Scientist and BBC History
  • online resources – avoid wasting your time filtering good from not so good results in a Google search and head straight for the e-resources available via your MyDulwich homepage where all subject areas are covered by known, reliable information providers
  • staff – as we said at the top, we do know stuff and are here to help you.

Finally, because we understand how easy it is to procrastinate online whilst allegedly looking for tips on dealing with the horror of Exam Time, we’ve stashed some revision links for you on the Wodehouse Library’s Delicious page. Now there’s no need to go searching for revision help as we’ve done it for you and made the links easy to find by tagging them with the words: revision, exams, study skills.

Good luck!


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    Highs and lows « dcwodehouse said:
    May 13, 2016 at 11:47 am

    […] can find all of these books and plenty more in the Library Catalogue and these keywords will be helpful: Reading Well, […]

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