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There’s something for everyone on the shelves of the Wodehouse Library’s Periodical Room.

During Friday break Nadzirul, a Year 12 boy, reviewed an article about the positive and negative effects of video games in the February 2014 issue of Psychology Review:

Recently, debates comes out hugely regarding how video games impact the social and healthy lifestyle of youngsters. Does video games bring solely negative impacts? Is there any positives that comes out from video games? This article answers all the doubts that adults have regarding whether or not video games only bring negative impacts to the society.

Break and lunch times are ideal opportunities for boys and, indeed, members of staff to catch up on articles like this and all curriculum areas are represented as well as leisure activities like soccer and yachting.

Back issues of many titles, including the Review series, are kept in the Reference Section of the Wodehouse Library whilst other titles are distributed to academic departments. Keeping up to date with what’s in the newspapers and in periodicals like The New Statesman, The Economist and The New Yorker is a great way to boost your learning. Additionally, along with our print subscriptions online access to extensive archives for many titles is included and you can see these via the e-resources menu on your MyDulwich homepage.


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