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Several titles from the study skills section have been recommended.

The aim of the study skills books in the Wodehouse Library’s collection is to make learning easier. Learning doesn’t always come easily and certainly some subjects can prove more of struggle than others. Often it can seem like the pages of a textbook just won’t turn, the words won’t stick in your memory and you feel that you’re going around in circles.

That’s where the study skills section can help. There are books available which deal clearly with tricky areas like avoiding plagiarism, creating good bibliographies and handling in-text referencing within the context of your overall time management strategies to ensure you don’t fall behind. There are books which help with exam technique and writing long essays and others which offer note-taking and mind-mapping help to better organize your ideas and sources of information.

Nadzirul, a Year 12 boy, particularly recommended How to Mind Map, by Tony Buzan who is a very well-respected author in this field. In this short book, Buzan introduces the technique behind mind-maps and the various ways they can make daily life – not just school work – easier to manage. This book offers tips and advice in short chunks, so there are no long chapters to read and detailed examples of mind maps demonstrate how becoming more organized can be a creative process.

A swift keyword search on LibCat using the term study skills will return dozens of helpful results and if you need any further assistance just ask any member of Library staff who will be happy to help.

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