Is a meteorite going to hit us?

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Pupil librarians help out in the Wodehouse Library every morning at break.

This has always been a popular activity for boys to get involved with and those who demonstrate their commitment by turning up week after week are awarded the distinctive Library tie.

A definite perk of becoming a pupil librarian is the chance to get to know more about the resources we have here, print and electronic. Recently the task for the Friday pupil librarians was to head off into the non-fiction section of the Library and find something that interested them.

A time-limited chance to let the book covers catch his eye proved the hook for Andre (Year 9) who discovered in Ungentle Shakespeare: scenes from his life, by Katherine Duncan-Jones, that Ben Jonson had re-used a Shakespeare phrase – chap-fall’n or chop-fallen – in his play Poetaster. Jonson of course lends his name to one of the Houses here at Dulwich College which was another reason for Andre’s choice.

From a completely different part of the collection, Nadzirul (Year 12), picked out Bill Bryson’s A Really Short History of Nearly Everything. Amongst the interesting things from this book Nadzirul highlighted:

  • How big is the universe?
  • How heavy is the earth?
  • Why are the oceans salty?
  • Is a meteorite going to hit us?

The answers to these questions and more await discovery! You can check the availability of all books via LibCat, the Library catalogue.


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