Question: what don’t we love about The Day?

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Answer: We’re still looking for something we don’t love. It’s a fantastic e-resource and we think teachers and boys at Dulwich College should be using it more.

Here are just of the 5 things we love:

  • The Day is about current affairs – remember when we wrote about The Economist we said it’s usually recommended that anybody intending to study A-levels and beyond keeps up-to-date with what’s going on in the world? Well, The Day facilitates this with not just the news stories but also explanations of key themes, links to further reading and questions to prompt us to think more deeply about what we’ve read
  • We love that we can subscribe to a daily e-mail digest of the top news stories
  • No-one’s left out! The Day covers all subjects – even PE gets its own stories and within each subject area the Editor’s Picks reflect stories that are chosen by subscribers as well as ones deemed important enough to highlight more generally
  • Points of view are explored in the Opinion section and, like other articles, these are available as PDF downloads to save or print for further reflection when we’re not actually on the website. There’s also a blog where The Day’s editors and guests post for teachers
  • The Day offers a multi-media experience so we’re not just reading the news, we’re also hearing and seeing it.

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