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Time line feature – very nice!

The first thing we think you should try out on the History Study Centre is the Key Events Timeline feature. Very easy to use, just scroll back through time and use the colour-coded lines to locate key events in history. Clicking on the coloured line opens a short introductory paragraph about the event the line represents and more information is available via a hyperlink if we’re curious to know more.

With next year marking 100 years since the outbreak of World War I, we delved into the coverage the History Study Centre has, starting with images. We liked the fact that we could easily access the citation information for them, removing any problems we might have faced in trying to work out how we would handle presenting this kind of bibliographic data. We would have preferred to see thumbnails rather than a text list of available images but the short descriptions were helpful, as was the way the images were explained contextually once we clicked on them.

The next thing we liked was the opportunity to create a space within the resource to store information we wanted to refer back to without having to repeat our search. Creating this space was quick and easy plus we could organise our documents into separate folders, so we didn’t have to mix up topic areas.

The Information Sources tab provided clear explanation of the History Study Centre and we also found the Monthly Theme on the homepage helpful as an introduction to the chosen topic – this December it’s the History of Science – and finally we found it easy to navigate our way through a topic using the study units.


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