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Blogging like this is new for us here in the Wodehouse Library and one of the reasons behind it is to let you know more about what the Library is for and how you can make best use of it.

Firstly, the Wodehouse Library is here to support literacy and learning.

We have the 42 and 66 reading lists to which all Middle and Upper School boys are introduced at the start of Michaelmas term each academic year. Both lists offer a range of books to challenge, stimulate and encourage boys to enjoy reading as a leisure activity. New fiction titles are added throughout the year and we’re happy to take requests from boys and staff so that you can always find something you’ll enjoy.

As well as the packed fiction shelves the Wodehouse Library offers non-fiction in support of every subject taught at DC. Subject reading lists are available and library staff are always on hand to help with discovering texts that will provide not only the key information needed for exam success but also those which extend the curious, offering that little something extra that might impress at a university interview.

With the internet available so readily it can be easy to overlook the reference titles that are on hand but our reference books offer a swift option for gathering facts and figures without fuss. We keep back issues of key journals too, whilst all the current editions are on the shelves in the Periodicals Room, you can retrieve interesting articles from the back issues very easily.

Having mentioned the internet above it’s worth knowing too that through the Wodehouse Library DC boys and staff have access to some wonderful online resources, such as Britannica Online and JSTOR, as well as online access to many of the print titles in the Periodicals Room. The beauty of using these e-resources is that they offer a taste of the independent learning that many DC boys will experience at university, including gaining familiarity with citation and bibliography styles.

We’ll delve deeper in to more of what the Wodehouse Library has to offer in subsequent posts on this blog but we hope we’ve whetted your appetite here.


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